Guest Talk by Kanta Mishra of eGovernments Foundation

Date: 15-02-2017

Description: Ms. Kanta Mishra (VP-Marketing and Advocacy) of eGovernments Foundation ( gave a guest talk on 15th February 2017. This was organized as a part of the course ‘Engineering and Management of Large Digital Systems’, which is offered to student of M.Sc. (Digital Society).

eGovernments Foundation works in the area of e-governance deployment in India. They seek to bridge the gap between government and the people – making Digital India a reality. eGovernments Foundation was established in 2003, by Nandan Nilekani (ex CEO – Infosys) and Srikanth Nadhamuni (CEO -Khosla Labs , ex CTO UIDAI ) to solve hard to crack urban governance challenges using cutting edge technology. They are joined by Omidyar Network and Tata Trust as their long term benefactors. Over last 13 years they have built an open source , e-governance platform for urban governance consisting of ERP, CRM, Dashboards, Mobile Apps and Analytics currently powering 325+ cities in India.

The talk focused on their aforesaid platform. The speaker also shared the foundation’s experience of working with and navigating through complex government systems and procedures during the design, development and deployment of their product.

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