Congratulations to Prof. Preeti Mudliar and team!

Design recommendations made for mobile hotspot sharing on Samsung phones based on a study conducted by IIIT-B students, under the guidance of Prof. Preeti Mudliar are now live across global markets where Samsung operates.

Upcoming Conference Data Power 2024 | September 4-6, IIIT-B

The fifth International Data Power Conference will be held from 4-6 September 2024, both online and in-person.

Symposium | Emerging Opportunities and Challenges in a Digital Society

This symposium reflected on CITAPP’s work in this domain over the past several years, followed by the release of a survey report authored by itihaasa Research and Digital.

CITAPP Research Scholars' Contributions 2023-2024

A walk-through of scholary recognitions and what our researchers have been up to

Fairwork India Releases Fifth Annual Ratings

In the fifth year of the study in India, the report is structured around the theme of worker alienation. It examines how working conditions—and interactions with platforms, consumers, fellow workers and regulatory agencies—contribute to alienation.

Centre for Information Technology and Public Policy

We are an interdisciplinary centre that focuses on the policy challenges and organizational demands made by technological innovation.

CITAPP Research

CITAPP engages in research and evaluation studies of topics where ICTs and public interest intersect.

Centre for Information Technology and Public Policy

The Centre for Information Technology and Public Policy (CITAPP) at IIIT Bangalore is an interdisciplinary research and advocacy centre that focuses on the policy challenges and the organizational demands made by technological innovation. The Centre seeks to provide a means to nurture and transform public policy around the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in engagement with academia and researchers, policy planners, political leaders and community representatives, technology vendors, public officials and civil society organisations.

Research and Consulting @ CITAPP

CITAPP engages in research and evaluation studies of topics where ICTs and public interest intersect. Of particular interest is how technological advances, along with institutional changes, address the needs of underserved communities. Affiliates of the Centre study both the production and use of ICTs.  Recent research topics have included the innovativeness of firms and regions, the economic impacts of digital flows, and the implications of digital identities and digital money for marginalised populations. True to its inter and multidisciplinary mandate, research at the Centre draws on a variety of disciplines and methods.

Academics @ CITAPP

CITAPP faculty offer a variety of courses pertaining to the economic, social and political shaping of IT, as well the social consequences of digital interventions. A number of programmes offered at the institute also address these topics. A unique interdisciplinary Masters in Digital Society programme is anchored by CITAPP faculty. Students with interests at the intersection of IT and Society can also apply for our MS (by Research) and PhD programmes in the area.  Students in the iMTech, MTech and MSc (Digital Society) programmes can choose a thesis option with faculty at the Centre to deepen their research skills and their interests in themes pertaining to the social dimensions of digital technologies.

Student Testimonials

Taking ITS courses was a very new experience for me. I had only done technical courses till I took the Digital Sociology course and the Technology and Society course both offered by Prof. Bidisha Chaudhuri. The concepts discussed in these courses really interested me and changed the way I look at digital technologies. I look forward to taking more such courses in the future.

Phani Sriram Vadali, iMTech Batch of 2019

Taking courses under Prof. Bidisha Chaudhuri and Prof. Amit Prakash was a wonderful experience. These courses offer a different perspective on technology and how it affects people’s lives. Courses are designed to assist developers in understanding the implications of software policies and their impact on users and society in general.

Archit Sangal, iMTech Batch of 2019

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