Balaji Parthasarathy Delivers Keynote at CSCW 2022

Talk Title- From the Cooperative to the Coercive: Digital Platforms and the Antinomies of CSCW

CITAPP congratulates the new graduates!

CITAPP congratulates all IMTech, MTech, MSc (Digital Society), MS (by Research) and PhD students who graduated with their degrees on July 3, 2022 at IIITB’s 22nd Annual Convocation. We look forward to all the wonderful things our graduates are going to do next in their careers!



CITAPP turned 10 in 2022!

We marked this milestone with Def(in/y)ing Boundaries, an afternoon of reflections and discussions, on April 9, 2022 at Bangalore International Centre.


CITAPP Academics

We offer courses and programmes examining how the social shapes the digital in varied domains of human activity. Admissions to our MSc (Digital Society), MS (by Research) and PhD programmes will next be open in 2023.

Centre for Information Technology and Public Policy

We are an interdisciplinary centre that focuses on the policy challenges and organizational demands made by technological innovation.

CITAPP Research

CITAPP engages in research and evaluation studies of topics where ICTs and public interest intersect.

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Twitter Feed

As part of this month's CITAPP Seminar Series, we had Sridhar Rajagopalan from @eistudy1 talk to us about the use of technology in rethinking the way students learn.
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Day 1 of the @TowardsFairWork Summit is underway! Our ountry teams have come together to collaborate at @URosario in #Bogotá ✊🏽

Wondering about the state of platform work in your country?

Find yours here ➡️
We are excited to announce our opening keynote speaker - 𝗗𝗿. 𝗕𝗮𝗹𝗮𝗷𝗶 𝗣𝗮𝗿𝘁𝗵𝗮𝘀𝗮𝗿𝗮𝘁𝗵𝘆.
He is a Professor at the International Institute of Information Technology Bangalore, and a co-founder of the Institute’s Center for Information Technology and Public Policy.
Thrilled to announce the launch of my book, The Political Lives of Information, this week from @mitpress!! Excited to be doing a series of talks on the book in the US in October. Come by if you’re around!
For this month's edition of the CITAPP Seminar Series, we had Smita and Ram from @WeAreRangDe, a peer-to-peer lending platform. It was a pleasure to have them give us a glimpse of their core values, design process and the impact created.

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Balaji Parthasarathy & Janaki Srinivasan provided expert evidence to the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Communications and IT on gig work conditions in the digital platform economy, 26 Aug. 2022.
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From today's CITAPP Seminar Series Talk by Babitha George and Romit Raj from Quicksand on Decentralised Digital Futures
#BookRelease Join us on the 19th of July for the release of 'DATA CENTRIC LIVING: ALGORITHMS, DIGITIZATION AND REGULATION' edited by V.Sridhar. For registration and to find out more about the book, head to the link below:
#NewBookAlert Congratulations to Dr. Janaki Srinivasan on her book, a meticulous scholarly effort capturing how information has come to shape the discourse around development in India. The book will be available later this year.
Cover Art: Megha Ramachandra
Arjun Pilikudale’s iMTech thesis on multi-party privacy on online social networks.

Read more about it here:
Shivangi Garg’s (Digital Society) thesis on the dating app uses of urban young Indian queers.

Read more about it here:
Gayatri Raman’s (Digital Society) thesis on the Impact of COVID-Induced physical school closures on children with visual impairment in India.

Read more about it here:
Rajesh Hanbal’s ethnographic work on digital technologies deployed in the service of transparency in India’s livelihoods program, NREGA, which earned him his PhD.

Read more about it here:
Several of IIIT Bangalore's newly minted graduates conducted research at the intersection of IT and public interest.

More on this here:
Join in as Dr. Janaki Srinivasan offers at critical understanding of privacy in the age of digital communication. The lecture is from 10:15 AM - 11:15 AM on 30th June and is organised by Dian Nuswantoro University, Indonesia. Register Here:
Balaji Parthasarathy discusses The digital divide: Can we narrow the gap? on the Global Challenges – Global Solutions podcast of the International Labour Organisation @ilo

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@BalajiPsarathy @TowardsFairWork @SSadagopan
The best discussions happen over biryani! With the @TowardsFairWork India team on the urgent need for a strong regulatory framework to protect gig and platform workers in India. Dr ⁦ @BalajiPsarathy@janasrin⁩ ⁦ @moneerukonda⁩ ⁦ @policyyaps@citappsays
Is existing tech inclusive enough? How do we make emerging tech align with our values? Good discussion today with cyber grant partner @IIITB_official @citappsays on def(in/y)ing tech boundaries.
For those preparing to investigate digital technologies that shape our world, charting out a career path that best represents their interests is undoubtedly important. Hear from one of our alumni, Prasaanth Balraaj about his journey.
My views on the recent recommendation by TRAI on spectrum reserve prices for the forthcoming spectrum auction in The Hindu Podcast at: ; @IIITB_official @citappsays @USC_ARNIC @the_hindu
Shortlisted entries will be invited to make a 2-minute presentation at 'Def(in/y)ing Boundaries | 10 Years of CITAPP' on 9th April, 2022 in-person at @bicblr or virtually. Prizes specially curated in collaboration with @ChampacaBooks
Themes (list not exhaustive): Workplace/Home, Early/Late, Working for/from home, Inside/Outside, Us/Them, Noise/Silence, Mute/Unmute, Working/Caring/Leisure, Transit/Destination etc.
Deadline: 05 April, 2022.
Send us your entries here:
As we celebrate 10 years of CITAPP, we wanted to reflect and provide room for candid expression of the pandemic years. Tell us how boundaries you transcended in your physical-digital lives. Full open call here:

Virendra Gupta of Ver Se Innovation talking about the market for local language content #DotBharatAdoption @IIITB_official @cis_india
"GoI is working on promoting multilingual content generation in different domains" - Mr Varma #DotBharatAdoption
Mr Varma talking about the policies, schemes, and programmes by the Government of India in #DotBharatAdoption
"Not sure where dotbharat captures the idea as well, as it's also about content, as Prof Ramani emphasized"-Vivek Pani #DotBharatAdoption
Vivek Pani of Reverie Language Technologies talking about technologies that can help reach out to a large group of people #DotBharatAdoption
"Language not just as cultural but also as economic." Prof Ramani talking about Indic language software #DotBharatAdoption

Centre for Information Technology and Public Policy

The Centre for Information Technology and Public Policy (CITAPP) at IIIT Bangalore is an interdisciplinary research and advocacy centre that focuses on the policy challenges and the organizational demands made by technological innovation. The Centre seeks to provide a means to nurture and transform public policy around the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in engagement with academia and researchers, policy planners, political leaders and community representatives, technology vendors, public officials and civil society organisations.

Research and Consulting @ CITAPP

CITAPP engages in research and evaluation studies of topics where ICTs and public interest intersect. Of particular interest is how technological advances, along with institutional changes, address the needs of underserved communities. Affiliates of the Centre study both the production and use of ICTs.  Recent research topics have included the innovativeness of firms and regions, the economic impacts of digital flows, and the implications of digital identities and digital money for marginalised populations. True to its inter and multidisciplinary mandate, research at the Centre draws on a variety of disciplines and methods.

Academics @ CITAPP

CITAPP faculty offer a variety of courses pertaining to the economic, social and political shaping of IT, as well the social consequences of digital interventions. A number of programmes offered at the institute also address these topics. A unique interdisciplinary Masters in Digital Society programme is anchored by CITAPP faculty. Students with interests at the intersection of IT and Society can also apply for our MS (by Research) and PhD programmes in the area.  Students in the iMTech, MTech and MSc (Digital Society) programmes can choose a thesis option with faculty at the Centre to deepen their research skills and their interests in themes pertaining to the social dimensions of digital technologies.

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