CITAPP Seminar Series talk by Deepa and Alisha, Product Innovation: Determining value at the cross-section of data and behaviour

Date: 19/10/2022

About the Talk:

Often thought to be antithetical to each other, an analytical/deductive method combined with an immersive/inductive method can help form a complete understanding of your customers. Combining these methods can drive disruptive innovations in technology and products. Through this talk, we will showcase a few industry examples to illustrate how design thinking encourages you to move between the two methods and fortifies the value and impact of the product.


As a design and product leader with 25+ years of experience at large multinationals and Tech Startups  Deepa Bachu has led teams working on global technology products that span 100+ countries. She helped pioneer Design Thinking at Intuit. One of the many projects she led, FASAL (Project Agrinova), went onto become a HBR Case study and one of their Top 10 Innovation must-reads. Fasal helps farmers gain a competitive edge in the marketplace by providing them with pricing & agricultural advisory information. In her free time, Deepa mentors startups (in both India and the US) while also volunteering her time to startups/NGOs in kids’ education. She is a regular presenter at industry conferences and an active member of several Design, Innovation and Women forums. Through her career, she effectively handled a variety of responsibilities and roles across Experience Design, Innovation, Product Management, General Management & Product Development.

Alisha Raghavan’s passion is to deliver deeply meaningful experiences, experiences that impact and transform end-customers whether they are consumers, small businesses, large organisations or its employees. Alisha’s professional experience has given her the versatility to work across design functions of Design Strategy, Research, Experience, Visual Design and Branding. These diverse roles have shaped her into a design leader who can lead teams to deliver delightful solution experiences for its’ customers and, as a result, exponentially grow business outcomes. Over the years she has played many roles, that of a graphic designer, content writer, communication designer, entrepreneur, interaction designer, design strategist and design thinker. She thinks of herself as an expert who can conceptualise new products, evolve existing products, transform organisation cultures across industries, platforms and the globe.

CITAPP’s Monthly Seminar Series is an attempt to create a forum where researchers across IIITB domains can meet and discuss cutting edge research on the chosen theme of the semester. The Series hopes to explore a technology or topic for its ramifications in different realms of social activity. In particular, we are interested in understanding the specific kinds of complexity that these domains present for technological innovation and design.

CITAPP at IIIT Bangalore is an interdisciplinary think-tank set-up to focus on the policy challenges and the organizational demands made by technological innovation. Of particular interest to the Centre is how technological advances, along with institutional changes that harness the legitimacy and the powers of bureaucracies and market, address the needs of underserved communities.