Prof. Preeti Mudliar and IIIT-B students’ design recommendations for mobile hotspot sharing now adopted by Samsung

Based on a study conducted by Prof. Preeti Mudliar and the team of students, Vidhi Doshi (M.Sc. Digital Society), Pranshu Anand (M.Sc. Digital Society), Arushi Preet Kaur (M.Sc. Digital Society), and Murali Jayam (iMTech), design recommendations for mobile hotspot sharing on Samsung phones are now live across global markets where Samsung operates. Samsung has redesigned their mobile hotspot features in line with the findings of this study. The study’s findings have impacted hotspot features at a global scale. The recommendations focus on enhancing the Samsung Mobile hotspot with features that will help a user monitor and control the shared data and restrict some users from accessing the shared data.

Many congratulations to the team! More on this here.

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