Prof. Preeti Mudliar and IIIT-B students recognised for their excellent work as part of the PRISM program at Samsung

Prof. Preeti Mudliar and the team of students, Vidhi Doshi (M.Sc. Digital Society), Pranshu Anand (M.Sc. Digital Society), Arushi Preet Kaur (M.Sc. Digital Society), and Murali Jayam (iMTech) have contributed outstanding efforts to the PRISM program, working on the 5G Hotspot Sharing project for Samsung.

Their work has earned the coveted ‘Excellent’ status, along with a cash reward of Rs 86,400. This commendable achievement was a result of their dedicated work between February 2023 and April 2023, where they delved into studying mobile data-sharing behaviors through hotspot usage.

Through comprehensive fieldwork, they provided invaluable user experience insights and design recommendations to the Samsung Design team. Hearty congratulations for their remarkable accomplishments!

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