Three-day executive program on unpacking emerging technologies for decision makers: AI and IoT

CITAPP is offering a three-day executive program on unpacking emerging technologies with a focus on AI and IoT. The course shall take the participants through

  • the key elements in each of these technologies from a theoretical viewpoint and the way they typically come together in the practical (or popular) AI and IoT systems
  • ethical concerns posed by AI and IoT systems and possible mitigation strategies
  • possible scope for decision makers to plan or strategize AI and IoT systems to better suit their respective socio-technical contexts.

Please find the detailed schedule here.

Program Dates: 16-18 March, 2023

Who can apply: Organisational decision makers, faculty, researchers, system designers, and any other interested individuals.

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Application Deadline: 4 March, 2023 10th March, 2023. Shortlisted applicants will receive a registration and payment link

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CITAPP at IIIT Bangalore is an interdisciplinary think-tank set-up to focus on the policy challenges and the organizational demands made by technological innovation. Of particular interest to the Centre is how technological advances, along with institutional changes that harness the legitimacy and the powers of bureaucracies and market, address the needs of underserved communities.