Talk by Dr. Ingrid Schneider, Professor of Political Sciences, University of Hamburg

Date: 06/02/2023

About the Talk:

India’s perspective on large digital platforms and data governance in times of geopolitical rivalry

The current narrative of the digital constellation is characterised by a rivalry between the US and China. Europe tries to path a third way, taking the GDPR as a gold standard, and codifying the Digital Services Act, Digital Markets Act, Data Act and AI Act. India asserts its own venue. I would like to discuss India’s Digital Personal Data Protection draft bill, the AI reports and the National Data Management Initiatives.

Speaker Bio:

Prof. Dr. Ingrid Schneider is Professor of Political Science at the Department of Informatics, University of Hamburg. Her research spans politics of digital data in the areas of data economy, platform regulation, digitalisation in developing countries, ethics and governance of information technologies, and law and intellectual property rights. She has worked as a Visiting Professor at the Escola Brasileira de Administração Pública e de Empresas, Rio de Janeiro, and at the University of Vienna, and as a Visiting Researcher in New Delhi and Mexico City. She has also served as a Policy Advisor and Scientific Expert to German, Swiss, and Austrian Parliaments.


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