Janaki Srinivasan at roundtable hosted by IIM-Calcutta

Date: March 21, 2024

Prof. Janaki Srinivasan was invited to be part of the roundtable ‘The Contexts of DECISION, Decisions about Context’ hosted at IIM Calcutta.

About the Roundtable:

DECISION has, over the years, published research on decision-making in a variety of sectoral, functional, and thematic contexts. From productivity in Indian pharmaceutical firms in post-patent years, examining personal sense of power on ethical decision making in Sri Lanka, circular economy model enterprises in Poland, determinants of board size in Italian state-owned water enterprises to digital health adoption amongst doctors in India, DECISION strives to capture the many nuances of diversity in contexts.

As researchers studying a variety of business, management and social issues, how can we better define and describe context? What does it mean to conduct context-contingent research? How do we make decisions relating to context in our research? How can we leverage context to better theorise management phenomena?

This roundtable invites a deeper reflection upon the role of context in research, particularly in research crafted and executed in India by domiciled researchers. These perspectives on context cross disciplinary and epistemological boundaries, as we engage with a variety of researchers on how and why they make choices regarding context in their research.

Commemorating the 50th Volume of DECISION, we bring together six leading researchers in different disciplines in the roundtable – The Contexts of DECISION, Decisions about Context. While their own research is spread across multiple disciplines – entrepreneurship, social aspects of technology, consumer behaviour, international business, women’s studies, logistics and supply chains –their passion for grounding their work in thematic, sectoral, functional as well as geographic contexts, is evident in their work.

Source: https://www.iimcal.ac.in/events/roundtable-DECISION-2024

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