Kavitha Narayanan

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Kavitha Narayanan

Year of Joining : 2016

Advisor : Bidisha Chaudhuri &  Balaji Parthasarathy

Research Interest : Political-economy of technologies; Politics of Development; Gender

Education : Integrated M.A. (Development Studies), Indian Institute of Technology- Madras (IIT-Madras)

Work Experience :  Research Associate, CITAPP, IIIT-B  (2.5 years); Research Assistant, CBPS (1.5 years)

Publications: Narayanan, K., Hoysala, O., & Srinivasan, J. (2016). The Digital Transformation? A Study of Ola Auto. Presented at the Workshop on Bangalore’s Great Transformation. NIAS, Bangalore.

Narayanan, K., Hoysala, O., & Srinivasan, J. (2016). Ola! Moral Economies of the Digital? Presented at the Annual Conference of the Society for the Advancement of Socio-economics (SASE) on 'Moral Economies, Economic Moralities'. UC Berkeley. Abstract Download. Presentation Download.