Sridhar, V. (2019). Emerging ICT Polices and Regulations: Roadmap to Digital Economies. Springer Nature.

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This book constructs both educational and research arguments on various dimensions of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) policy and regulation. There has been a paradigm shift in the ICT industry due to convergence of various technologies, the ubiquity of the Internet, the emergence of app economy and the pervasiveness of social media. These pose policy and regulatory challenges in the areas of industry structure, market power of firms, pricing of products and services, interconnection of networks, radio spectrum management, intellectual property rights, data privacy and security.
The common thread throughout the different sections of the book is the massive adoption of digitization by individuals, enterprises, governments and societies and the critical role of associated regulation and policy for its success.
The book addresses 13 important questions in the areas of: i) Telecom Regulation including bundling of products and services, interconnection, and radio spectrum; (ii) Internet Regulation including governance of the Internet, Net Neutrality, quality of service, and cyber security; (iii) App Economy Regulation including Over The Top communication and broadcast services, ICT platform intermediation, sharing economy, data protection and privacy; and (iv) Emerging Technology Regulation including Artificial Intelligence and Intellectual Property Rights. The book explains technology and related regulatory concepts in an easy-to-read format and includes brief case studies describing the regulatory approaches from different countries. Specific focus is given to the regulatory landscape in India surrounding these questions and the lessons for similar emerging countries.
Written in the form of contemporary questions and answers, this unique book appeals to researchers in ICT policy and regulation, regulators and policymakers, as well as students interested in the subject area.