Sessions on Communication Technologies and Social Change by Prof. Usha Vyasulu Reddy

As a part of the preparatory term of the incoming batch of M.Sc. (Digital Society), Dr. Usha Vyasulu Reddy took a set of 4 sessions on “Communications Technologies and Social Change: A Background, What Works and What Does Not, and Why”. These sessions were conducted during 18th-21st July 2016.

About the sessions

Global research and experience shows that nearly 70 per cent of all ICT for Development Projects fail to achieve the objectives for which they were developed and deployed. Global research shows that most often, technology does not fail. There are many contributing factors to success or failure.

The sessions, using a combination of lectures, case studies, and practical exercises, examine the relationship between theory and practice in Communication for Development with a special focus on current ICTs. Different stages of planning an ICTD intervention were also explored.

About the speaker

Dr. Usha Reddy is a Hyderabad-based independent Educationist and an International Consultant on ICT for Development. Currently, she is also a Visiting Professor at the SN School of Arts and Communication. With more than 35 years of experience in teaching, production, research and development, communication and technology, Dr Reddy has been involved with national and international activities in the deployment of communication and information technologies for education and development. She has also undertaken extensive consultancies for multilateral donor agencies in India and the Asia Pacific region, including UNESCO, FAO, EU, AMIC, UNAPCICT- ESCAP, IDRC, and COL. Her recent work entailed training government officials in India and abroad on the essentials of ICTD for government leaders, the management of an international agency and research into the areas of ICTs and community empowerment, e-governance, and IT policy.