About the Program
With the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) permeating and shaping every sphere of our public and personal experience, we find ourselves in an increasingly digital society. If ICTs have opened up immense possibilities for economic and social change, they also raise many questions, especially as India actively claims membership in the digital society.

  • How transformative will these changes be?
  • Will they be equitable and sustainable in addition to enhancing efficiency?
  • Will they amplify existing social divides and create new ones in the process?

Answering these questions calls for insights into the digital ecosystem. It demands interdisciplinary skills combining an appreciation of technological possibilities along with a nuanced understanding of the economic, political, and socio-cultural context. But, more often than not, well-intentioned technologists and social scientists attempt to answer these questions within the narrow confines of their own disciplines. Consequently, the public, private, and development sectors face a capacity gap in leveraging ICTs for an efficient, equitable and sustainable digital society.

This impels us to ask: Are we prepared to design for a complex digital society? How should we train those designing, developing, deploying, and managing these technologies? Recognizing the socio-economic potential of ICTs, and the increasing need to train professionals in harnessing this potential, IIIT Bangalore has been offering a unique and innovative full-time 2-year Masters Programme in Digital Society since 2015.

M.Sc. (Digital Society) program at IIIT-B prepares students who have an astute understanding of the digital ecosystem. In the Information Age, digital technologies have opened up immense possibilities for economic and social change that is inclusive and sustainable. Designing and deploying digital technologies, analyzing human-computer interaction or big data entail not just technological expertise but also a nuanced understanding of the social, cultural, and economic aspects of the digital society.

Students of the programme will gain insights into the design of digital technologies, and the policy challenges of deploying such technologies, with a broad-based training that will draw from computer science, engineering, research methods, management, economics and other social sciences, which will equip them with a rigorous understanding of technologies for development and the development of technologies.

For further details and queries, write to the Coordinator, M.Sc. (Digital Society) at: admission-ds@iiitb.ac.in

  • An undergraduate degree (of at least 3 years duration) in any discipline (including arts, science, commerce, design, management, law, engineering etc.) with a first division/class from a recognized University. Those expecting to graduate by 1st August 2018 may also apply.
  • The candidates who have a valid score in CAT 2017, CEED 2018 or TISS NET 2018 may be exempted from appearing for a written test at IIIT Bangalore.


Step 1: Go to the application form.

Step 2: Register and fill the form.

Step 3: Pay a non-refundable application fee of Rs.1000 as mentioned in the instructions page.

Step 4: Candidates whose application is found in order will be eligible to take a written examination at IIIT Bangalore. The written exam will test their numerical/quantitative, analytical, and verbal abilities, as well as design, social, and information technology awareness. Sample questions for the entrance examination are available here.
Note: Candidates who have a valid score in CAT 2017, CEED 2018 or TISS NET 2018 can be exempted from appearing for the written test depending on their scores. Such candidates will have to submit a copy of the scorecard.

Step 5: All the shortlisted candidates (including the ones exempted from the written exam) will have to appear for an interview at IIIT Bangalore.

Step 6: The final list of candidates to be admitted will be decided after the interview. The selection will be based on performance in the interview, scores in the written test (or, in one of the three national level entrance tests mentioned above), professional experience and marks obtained in 10th, 12th and Under-graduate/Bachelors examinations.


  • The tuition fees, as applicable for admissions in July 2018, is Rs. 1,34,000/- per semester. The total tuition fees for the entire duration of the programme will be Rs. 5,36,000/-.
  • In addition, students will have to pay approximately Rs. 5,500/- towards hostel and campus facilities and approximately Rs. 4,000/- (excluding any applicable taxes) for food expenses per month.

Note: These rates are subject to revision from time to time. Other costs for books and supplies, travel, purchase of a laptop, insurance charges etc. need to be factored by students depending on their individual circumstances. A detailed break-up of different fee components will be included in the admission offer that will be sent to selected candidates.

  • Scholarships will be made available to ALL selected candidates to cover 50% of the tuition fees over the programme duration (subject to a maximum of four semesters). These scholarships are being made available through IIITB Alumni grants as a special case for students selected as part of the 2018 batch.
  • The M.Sc. (Digital Society) students can also expect a stipend of Rs. 10,000-15,000/- per month during the last six months of the programme while working on their internship/thesis.
15th March 2018Release of admission notice on the IIITB website
20th March 2018Online admission portal open to accept applications

Round 1

16th April 2018Last date for submitting online applications for the first round
21st and 22nd April 2018Written Test for shortlisted candidates (candidates with a valid score in CAT 2017, CEED 2018 or TISS NET 2018 are exempted)
21st and 22nd April 2018Personal Interviews for ALL candidates
30th April 2018Release of first list of selected candidates
15th May 2018Last date for payment of confirmation fees by the candidates selected in the first list

Round 2

31st May 2018Last date for submitting online applications for the second round
9th and 10th June 2018Written Test for shortlisted candidates (candidates with a valid score in CAT 2017, CEED 2018 or TISS NET 2018 are exempted)
9th and 10th June 2018Personal Interviews for ALL candidates
20th June 2018Release of second list of selected candidates
30th June 2018Last date for payment of confirmation fees by the candidates selected in the second list
10th July 2018Last date for payment of balance fees for first semester and hostel/mess
13th July 2018Registrations for the new batch
16th July 2018Classes begin


After graduation, students of our first batch (2015-17) were associated with organizations like Coviam Technologies, Daimler Financial Services, Everwell Health Solutions, E-Government Foundation, Vision Empower, World Resources Institute for roles ranging from User Experience Researcher, Product Management Associate, Business Analyst, and Digital Marketing Executive.

The placement process for the second batch is going on and some of our students have been offered employment opportunities at DailyHunt and Everwell Health Solutions. Others are doing their internships at Centre for Science and Technology Policy, E-Government Foundation, Mindtree Foundation and Oxford International School.

7:30 am Wake up to the sound of birds chirping. Admire the beautiful flowers blooming right outside your window. Look at people jogging around the campus before realizing that you need to hurry up and get ready!

8:30 am Rush for breakfast. Don’t want to miss the yummy dosa!

9:30 am Class begins. Another lively discussion and a seminar with the heads of the biggest organizations in India. Just another regular day.

11:00 am Grab a cup of coffee, go through some research papers and revise for the presentation you need to give in the next class at 11:15 am.

1:00 pm Project Meeting with the Professor!

1:30 pm Lunch time! Chole-Puri and chilled lassi. Make plans for the weekend with friends.

2:00 pm Another engaging class with interesting videos and opinions.

4:00 pm Classes over for the day. Head to club meetings.

6:00 pm Relax with friends in the canteen and play badminton/TT/Basketball/Football/Lawn Tennis…the list could go on forever!

7:00 pm Start your assignments. Papers to be read, designs to be analyzed, presentations to be made, essays to be written…oof!

8:30 pm Dinner. Gulab Jamun and pasta!

9:00 pm Debate, discuss and laugh with friends and take a walk around the vibrant campus filled with the chatter of students.

10:00 pm Time to tackle the remaining assignments and prepare for classes to be held the next day.

3:00 am Sleep! Finally!

For more details, check out our page on the official IIIT Bangalore website.

For admission related queries, go to M.Sc. (Digital Society) admissions page.

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