The programme is designed to create a group of professionals who will: Contribute to the design, development and deployment of digital technologies for diverse social groups; Provide and manage solutions that address persistent developmental challenges in domains such as education, governance, and health; Engage in policy making and in advocacy for deploying digital technologies and enrich interdisciplinary research on the digital society. This is an interdisciplinary Master’s program intended for graduates from any background who are interested in designing, developing, deploying and managing large ICT solutions for an inclusive and sustainable digital society.

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Course NumberCourse NameInstructor(s)Offered to
ITS 601Dynamics of the Information Technology IndustryBalaji ParthasarathyM.Tech/PhD/MS
ITS 701Economic and Social Impacts of Information TechnologyBalaji ParthasarathyM.Tech/PhD/MS
DS 703Geographical Information SystemsS. RajagopalanM.Tech/PhD/MS
GEN 505IT Project & Product Management
V. Sridhar & Amit PrakashM.Tech/PhD/MS
DS/NC 615Techno-economics of NetworksV. SridharM.Tech
HSS 101EconomicsS. Rajagopalan, V. SridharIntegrated M.Tech
HSS 102The CityBalaji ParthasarathyIntegrated M.Tech
HSS 103History of IdeasBidisha ChaudhuriIntegrated M.Tech
HSS 104ATechnology and SocietyBidisha Chaudhuri, Janaki SrinivasanIntegrated M.Tech
HSS 104BE-Governance Application DesignAmit PrakashIntegrated M.Tech